Diagnostic  In home Behavior Consultation - Currently not offered to new Clients at this time     All consultations are done in your home as a house call.  Most initial consultations last 2 to 2.5  hours however the more complex the case it is may require more time. 
  • Prior to your appointment you will be asked to fill out and return an in-depth behavioral questionnaire. This will reserve your appointment slot. This important step allows Dr. Schulze to start planning the foundation of your pet’s behavior individualized treatment plan, and review what medical conditions could be affecting your pet’s behavior. 
  • During your consultation Dr. Schulze will go over your pet’s history form in detail with you and help you understand the behavioral diagnosis for your pet. In this initial consultation you will be taught the foundations of behavior modification techniques, how to better communicate with your pet, and how to decrease the unwanted behavior. Implementing a complete behavior plan normally requires more than one appointment to achieve the desired treatment goals.
  • You will be provided as summary report of the consultation , safety/management plan and an outline of a behavioral treatment plan.   It will consist of handouts and exercises to start working with your pet right away. 
  • If any physical problems are discovered during the appointment, you will be referred to your primary care veterinarian for treatment or further diagnostics.
  • A written report will be sent to your primary care veterinarian.
  •  One  month  of  email follow up is included with this appointment to help guide you with the recommendations given during the appointment  treatment plan.  Follow up phone/tele  communication can be set up for an additional fee  for concerns that can not be addressed with a few pointers.   
  • Dr. Schulze’s travel time up to 10 miles  from Westerville.  Travel greater than 10 miles from   Westerville will have a travel fee, 
Behavior  Treatment Progress Consultation-  This option is for current clients only.   Behavior problems and solutions are unique to each pet and family situation. In general follow up appointments will be needed to achieve desired results .  We generally recommend at least 2 follow up appointments.   If medication is part of your pet’s treatment plan a Behavior Progress Consultation will be required every 6-12 months to provide refills. Two  months of email follow up is included with this appointment.

Great Beginnings– - These appointments are designed to get your new pet off to the right start. Adjusting to a new home can be quite stressful and this one hour consultation will cover common behavior concerns and how to prevent them from occurring. This appointment is focused on prevention of behavior problems, and helping you build a strong and lifelong bond with your pet. If a clinical behavior problem is discovered during this appointment , then a full behavior consolation will be recommended. Follow up is not included with this appointment.
  • For puppies less than 6 months of age- We will discuss normal canine development, socialization, house training,  reading canine body language, toys and tools for your pet, teaching basic commands with positive reinforcement and how to manage common puppy problems. 
  • For kittens Less than 6 months of age - We will discuss normal feline development, how to prevent litter box issues, scratching , how to play safely with your kitten, how to teach your kitten basic commands using positive reinforcement, how to create an enriching home environment , and preparing for veterinary visits.
  • Newly adopted/rescued dogs or cats- This appointment is for any recently adopted cat or dog that has been in the home less than 3 weeks. We will discuss how to help your new pet adjust to its new home.  For dogs we will also discuss house training, preventing separation anxiety, preventing destructive chewing, teaching basic commands, and preparing for  veterinary visits. For cats we will discuss litter box management, how to read feline body language, scratching , how to teach your cat basic commands, how to create an enriching environment, and preparing for travel/ veterinary visits.
Getting Ready for Baby-  This one hour  consultation is done prior to your new arrival coming home.    We will discuss how to help your pet  be prepared for your new baby  and how to manage things once your baby comes home.  We will also discuss how to help your pet and child have a safe relationship  for years to come.  This  appointment is for prevention only, if a serious concern arises during the appointment a full behavioral consultation will be needed. 

 Kid and Pet Safety Seminars- Dr. Schulze is very passionate about bite prevention and loves to talk to parents and kids about how to stay safe around dogs and cats. She is available to talk to your school , daycare, scout group or parent group.    Please contact her regarding pricing.

Dr. Laurie Schulze